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Citrus Basil

Citrus Basil

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Uplifting Citrus Scent

Notes: Citrus, Basil, Mint, Chamomile, Agave

8 oz/ 226 g

Soothe your senses with the uplifting aroma of our Citrus Basil candle. Handcrafted with great care and love, this candle is made using a blend of coconut, soy, and beeswax. The scent notes of citrus, basil, mint, chamomile, and agave refresh your surroundings and help you unwind after a hectic day.

We use local and sustainably sourced ingredients for our candles, avoiding harmful substances such as palm oil or paraffin. Our aromatic and eco-conscious candles can be a great addition to your bedroom, living room, or working space, and also a perfect gift choice for your loved ones.

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